Management Training Programmes

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Functional programmes 

Apart from the above programmes, SITRA also regularly offers a variety of short-term programmes of 2 to 5 days duration on specialised topics of interest to technical personnel of the textile industry.

Some of the important programmes organised in this manner include; Cotton Selection and Assessment; Textile Testing - Fibre, Yarn & Fabric; Energy Management; Process Control in Spinning; Technical Textiles; Textile processing; Spectrogram Analysis and Variance Length Curve Analysis; Maintenance Management in Spinning; Cost Control in Textile Mills; Yarn Quality Requirements for Hi-tech Looms, Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis; Quality Management in Spinning, Quantitative Techniques for Quality Control in Spinning Mills, etc. 

Till date, more than 5000 technicians have benefited out of these functional programmes.

Training programmes on any of the above functional areas can be offered to mills as custom-made modules exclusively for their technicians either at their units or at SITRA

Training Programme on


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International training programme (ITP)

International training programme is a regular feature of SITRAs training activity since 1974 and more than 1400 persons from 72 countries have benefited out of this training over the years.

The participants attending these programmes are sponsored by the Ministries of External Affairs, Government of India under the sponsoring scheme,  Indian Technical and Economic Co-operation Plan (ITEC).

Interested candidates from foreign countries may contact the Indian Embassy/Mission in their Home country for participation details.

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Programme on Textile Mill Management

(For Young Executives) 

Meant for young executives/entrepreneurs interested in understanding the various aspects of textile mill management, this programme covers all the major aspects of mill management - materials management, financial management, cost control, production and productivity, statistics and quality control, energy management and maintenance, personnel management, etc. The programme is a full-time one of two months duration.

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Residential management development programme

(For Top Executives of Textile Mills)

This programme is a short time course of 5 days duration targeted at the chief executives, general managers and other decision makers in textile mills, covering topics of current day relevance and interest to the textile industry. So far, 18 such programmes have been conducted. The attraction of the programme is blending subject interest with leisure and hence they are conducted in places like Ooty, Kodaikanal, Munnar, etc.


Supervisory development programme 

Supervisors form an important constituent of a textile mill�s working and are expected to know all the intricate aspects of technology encountered on a day to day basis. This programme of 2 to 3 days duration is specifically meant for these middle management staff engaged in production, maintenance and quality control functions. The programme covers not only technical aspects but also human relations skills essential for effective functioning.

Under request from mills, a similar programme can also be conducted exclusively for their technicians as in-house programmes.