Chemical Testing

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Textile testing and service centre at Tirupur  Click here to download the latest brochure

No.525, 1st Floor, K.P.K. Complex, Pushpa Theatre Bus Stop, Avinashi Road, Tirupur - 641 602

Phone:0421-6530443, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Working hours: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm

For the benefit of industries in and around Tirupur, SITRA has established a textile testing and service centre wherein the industries can test a few parameters, submit the samples to be sent to the SITRA Coimbatore, pay the test or consultancy charges, etc to save time and transportation cost considerably. 

SITRA has facilities to test a variety of materials and to name a few are: (Click here to view Testing Charges) (Click here to download the latest brochure)

  • Textile products – fibre, yarn, fabrics, apparels, home textiles, composites, etc
  • Water – used for different purposes such as drinking, construction, dyeing, irrigation, effluent, from various industries can be tested for required parameters Viz., BOD, COD, Heavy metals, TOC, Microbiological tests, etc.
  • Sizing chemicals
  • Metals, alloys, slag
  • Plant powder samples
  • General / functional tests – water repellency, flammability, shrinkage, barium activity number, etc.
  • Oil, wax, chemicals – purity as per IS specification
  • Manure / coir pith
  • Colour fastness to different agents – washing, rubbing, perspiration, light, etc.
  • Defect analysis on woven and knitted fabrics (both grey and processed), stain removal, holes, strength loss, etc.
  • Purity of chemicals
  • Environmental samples
  • Refractories samples
  • Eco tests – Formaldehyde, Chlorinated phenols, heavy metals, banned arylamines, phthalate esters, APEO/NPEO, PVC content, chlorinated organic careers, organo metallic tin compounds, etc. 

Other specialised testing activities include: 

  • Antimicrobial testing – Fibre, yarn, fabric and water samples are tested for their antibacterial activity, antifungal activity, bacterial filtration efficiency, total bacterial count as per AATCC, ASTM and as per Buyer’s requirements.

  • Composition analysis – textile materials are analysed for fibre identification, blend proportion, contamination, longitudinal / cross-sectional images and the results are given in CD.

  • Wet processing – 100% cotton, polyester, blended materials are desized, scoured, bleached, dyed and finished as per the requirements using pilot models machines of the respective processes. Processed samples can be measured for the whiteness index, colour difference, K/S, strength of dyes using computer colour matching system.

Eco testing 

examining microscope

In this module, textile materials are tested for the presence of harmful and / or banned substances like amines, pesticides, phthalates, surfactants, APEO / NPEO, phenolic compounds and chlorinated compounds in accordance with standards. 

Analysis of water, soil, processing chemicals, general purpose chemicals, effluents, sludge, etc are also undertaken. Individuals or organisations sending their samples for testing can get the test reports with a comparison of their results with benchmarked norms. 

-      Detailed list of tests carried out

-      Test parameters and standards

-      Sample size required for testing 

Textile service centre at Chennimalai 

In order to serve the chemical processing and weavings units in and around SIPCOT – Perundurai, Erode and Chennimalai, SITRA has been running a textile service centre at Chennimalai. This centre is capacitated with facilities for offering a few important tests pertaining to both weaving and processing industries. Awareness programmes on quality requirements and standards for export of home textiles and related articles to small and medium scale units. Samples can also be forwarded to SITRA, Coimbatore through this centre by the customers of nearby region, pay the testing or consultancy fee, etc to minimise the turnaround time and cost.


Pre-requisite testing for certifications

Mills / suppliers can make use of SITRA’s facilities for the pre-requisite testing for Oeko-Tex, GOTS, OE, OE- Blended certificates and other buyer related tests, etc which would save considerable time and money for them. Moreover, SITRA’s test reports are accepted by international buyers.