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Spinning Division of SITRA has been offering the following services to the industry.

Spinning Trials

  • Processing of cotton, man-made fibres and their blends as per mills request.

  • Achievable yarn quality for different raw materials.

  • Optimisation of process parameters.

  • Jute blended yarn spinning.



Quality Management

Provides expertise and conducts awareness programmes on:

  • ISO 9001 : 2000 Procedures.

  • Total Quality Management (TQM) & Quality Circle (Q.C.).

  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

  • Kaizen concept for Spinning Mills.

  • Failure Mode & Effect Analysis Concept and Application.

  • Application of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) & Just-in-Time (JIT) theory in textile industry.


Quality Audit

  • Quality control schedules.

  • Manpower for Quality Assurance Departments.

  • Achievable yarn quality for the type of machinery available in the mills and process control measures to attain targets.

The other consultancy services offered by this division are:

  • Trouble shooting.

  • Machinery evaluation and assessment.

  • Openness study in blow room.

  • Air-jet spinning concept & applications.

  • Friction spinning concept & applications


Product Development

  • Technical Textiles from conventional fibres like cotton, polyester, nylon etc. using short staple spinning machines.

  • Technical textiles from high performance fibres like Aramid, Flame Retardant Viscose, Flame Retardant Polyester, etc.

  • Jute blended fabrics.

  • Pineapple leaf fibre extraction.


Maintenance Audit

  • Analysis of machinery condition.

  • Maintenance schedules.

  • Manpower for maintenance.

  • Maintenance records.

  • Maintenance accessories.

  • Lubrication.

  • House keeping.