Chemistry Consultancy

13. 06. 22
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This division offers consultancy services to textile chemical processing industries and other related institutions on various technical and commercial aspects, a few of which are mentioned below:          (Click here to download the latest brochure)

  • Project appraisal for new and expansion projects

  • Technical guidance for setting-up of in-house quality control laboratory

  • Techno-economic viability study for processing units

  • Process optimization to achieve desired quality parameters

  • Estimation of efficiency of various processes Viz., Desizing, scouring, belaching, mercerizing, etc.

  • Evaluation of elongation / shrinkage of fabrics due to processing

  • Study on weight loss of textile materials during chemical processing

  • Study on the production capacity of processing units

  • Study of water consumption and / or material to liquor ratio of various processing machines

  • Analysis of TDS and other parameters in textile processing effluents and troubleshooting of effluent treatment plants

  • Time study for any given process in a wet processing unit

  • Any other adhoc problems related to processing