Council Members

The governing body of SITRA is called ‘Council of Administration’ which initially consisted of seven elected representatives from the textile industry among others.  Subsequently, in 1996-97, the strength of elected members was increased to ten members with a view to giving wider representation to the member mills.  The Council of Administration  consists of  members elected from among member mills; representatives from Government of India, co-opted scientists and permanent members; Directors of the four cotton textile research associations; representative each from CSIR, Government of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu Handloom Weavers’ Co-operative Society and Southern India Mills’ Association. The last retiring Chairman of the Council of Administration and last retiring Director are ex-officio members. The inclusion of the directors of other textile laboratories ensures co-operation among them, avoids unnecessary duplication of work and at the same time provides an opportunity for discussions on common problems and exchange of information. At present the Council of Administration consists of 25 members.


Sitra chairmens