13. 06. 21
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Product and Machinery Development

  • Woven arterial prosthetic graft for human implantation.
  • Two-for-one twister.
  • Decorticating machine.
  • Kapas purifier.
  • High speed reels.
  • Six – spindle mini ring frame.
  • 12 testing instruments.
  • Break – through in production of yarns from Pineapple leaf fibre.
  • Jute cotton yarn.





  • Instrumental for almost universal adoption of 7 days a week and 24 hours a day working in SITRA member mills.
  • SITRA member mills record the highest spindle utilisation in the world.
  • International training programmes for foreign nationals (53 programmes completed with a total of over 1400 participants).
  • 7 powerloom service centres and one textile service centre.
  • 64 patents.
  • Implementation of double hank plain reeling (DHPR).
  • 730 publications comprising research reports, mill control reports, focus, trends and monographs broughout.
  • 36 books on textiles broughout.
  • Over 1000 research papers published in International and Indian journals.
  • 30,000 copies of norms for productivity and quality sold.


Development of Decision Tools for Management 

  • A single composite index expressing fibre properties of cotton (FQI).
  • Equations to predict yarn quality from cotton properties.
  • Methodology for productivity assessment in spinning mills.
  • Criteria for capital investment.
  • Mathematical expression relating operational parameters to costs and profits.
  • Indicators of health and sickness of spinning mills.
  • Norms for quality and productivity.
  • Computer software packages for higher productivity in mills.