Research & Development

sitra R&D

Research and development work in machinery and instrumentation was started in a small way in 1964. Since then, considerable progress has been made by SITRA in this area. The machinery development activities also embrace modifications or attachments to existing machinery. SITRA also embarked upon a scheme to develop systematically a wide range of instruments and gadgets suitable for quality control purposes.

Among the instruments and machines developed in the past 50 years or so, the important ones include (i) High speed reel, (ii) High speed cams for knitting machines, (iii) Storage positive feed for knitting machines, (iv) Two-for-one twisting machine, (v) Kapas impurities purifier, (vi) Miniature ring spinning frame, (vii) Flyer spinning machine and ring frame for spinning fine jute yarns, (viii) Electronic moisture meter, (ix) Cotton openness measuring device, (x) Yarn abrasion resistance tester, (xi) Dust pollution monitor, (xii) Multiple board yarn appearance winder, (xiii) SITRA excel fans, (xiv) SITRA enerconer, (xv) SITRA fleximark, (xvi) SITRA enerInfosys, (xvii) SITRA pneumakit etc.
Most of the developments were licensed for commercial manufacture and many of them are in daily use in mills. Some of the machines and developments were also exported.