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13. 07. 01
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The South India Textile Research Association (SITRA) has 8 Divisions which offer a wide range of services- Textile Testing, Manpower Training, Consultancy, Inter-firm Studies, Energy Audits, etc. - to textile industry. A brief description of the various services offered is given in this handout.

1.Liaison and Consultation

A. Inter-Mill Study

Costs, Operational Performance and Yarn Quality: Quarterly Inter-Mill Study of Key Factors

This unique study on inter-mill comparison of key parameters which affect cost of production, productivity and profit of spinning mills, was initiated by SITRA during 1997. Over 400 mills spread all over India including a large number of Export Oriented Units (EOUs) and other High-tech mills have been utilising this service. The study which is being conducted twice a year, i.e, second and fourth quarters, covers more than 50 key parameters which include Yarn Sale Value, Raw Material Cost, Net Out-put Value, Power Cost, Salaries and Wages Cost, Power Consumption, Labour and Machine Productivity, Yarn Realisation and Quality, Product Diversification etc.

B. Consultancy Services

1. Diagnostic Study
2. Modernisation Study
3. Techno-economic Viability Study
4. Cost Reduction Study
5. Scientific Work Assignment Study
6. Valuation of Machinery
7. Yarn Realisation and Waste Control
8. Costing Method
9. Stores Audit
10. Productivity Improvement
11. Appraisal of New Projects etc
2.Resources Management

C. Inter-Mill Study of Productivity

Productivity surveys, conducted once every 2 years, have been an integral part of SITRA’s services right from its establishment in 1956. The two main purposes of this survey are to enable mills to: (1) judge their labour and machine productivity levels against the standard and also in relation to the performance of other mills, and (2) identify the areas, departments and operative categories where the productivity requires to be improved.